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Twists and Turns

I find myself patiently waiting an opportunity to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Oh, how things have changed in since 2019.

Those closest to me are more than aware, but in March of 2019, we lost my dad to a heart attack. David or Big Dave as many of his friends called him was a towering figure with a soft heart. I got the news of his death from my aunt while on assignment with the Manhattan Mercury in Kansas.

To say that my life has not been the same since would be an understatement. Months later while dealing with his estate and home, it became abundantly clear that trying to take care of his home from 700 miles away was not really feasible financially. With that in mind I headed back to Kettering for the first time in almost seven years.

It's weird to move home to a place you grew up, but that time had changed so much. While many things were the same, I had changed, for better or worse, the way I view the world wasn't the same as when I left.

From a work standpoint, I worked several assignments with FloSports and USA Today Sports Images after returning home. But the pandemic put an end to that and all my professional photographic work. To pay bills since then I have worked at the airport as a line service technician, basically fueling and towing general aviation aircraft and as a driving instructor, with the same company that I had taken my driving school lessons from 20 years earlier.

To my friends and family, these things they are well aware of. But it nags at me everyday. that I am not out there documenting. Making photos and trying to show the world from my eye view. I have put a lot more effort into picking up my cameras and making photos for me lately. Photos that I can enjoy that will serve as memories when I am older.

With all this being said, as the vaccines are rolled out, my hope is that there are more opportunities for folks like me to be able to get out and do what they are passionate about. My hope is the fog is lifting on this pandemic, on the photojournalism industry. Whether it's auto racing or local high school sports, I would love to get back behind the viewfinder on a regular basis again.

Here are some frames from the last few months.

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