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Swimming Upstream

I am making this post to give the world around me some insight into my mind. I have been dealing with health issues for the better part of a decade now and in the last few months they have progressively gotten worse.

When my father passed away in 2019, I left my position with the Manhattan Mercury in Kansas and moved back to the family home in Kettering, Ohio. Since then I have done some freelance photo work, but there hasn't been enough to keep me afloat. I took a full-time job for the last four and a half years that paid the bills, allowed a little extra money and not much else. The job was very stressful and mentally exhausting. I tried many ways to improve my mental and physical health, but nothing was sustainable.

After ending up in the emergency room a couple weeks ago, I realized something has to change. My mental health is driving me to make poor decisions in eating and exercise and I am not happy. The most happy I am is when I am out taking pictures.

That being said, today, I resigned from my job. I left on good terms and have no interest in returning to that line of work.

I plan to spend the next two months or so working on my physical and mental health, working on the house and out in the garage working on my truck.

With the help of friends, I have updated this website, it will undergo a few more changes. I have never been good at selling or marketing myself as a photographer. With that in mind, I invite you to look over my work here. And if you know of, or have any photographic opportunities please reach out to me on here, via email or on my social channels.

I hope to see you all along the way.


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